Ortho4XP用のDefault modシーナリー


This page publishes the modified default scenery for Ortho4XP.

Note: To use the scenery on this page, you need a photo scenery created with Ortho4XP.


RJOC Izumo       RJOC_4_Ortho4xp.zip

RJBD Nanki Shirahama RJBD_4_Ortho4xp.zip

ROMD Minamidaito         ROMD_4_Ortho7xp.7z

RJKA Amami                  RJKA_4_Ortho4xp.zip (Wave library required)

This scenery is intended for use with “Okinawa Prefecture Airports Package 1.1”.

RJFU Nagasaki      RJFU_4_Ortho4XP.zip


Introduction: Unzip the downloaded file and copy it into the Custom Scenery folder of X-Plane11.